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Evento in presenza

Marzo 2022
Giovedì | h. 09:00 - 22:30

Solar Power Summit 2022

The SolarPower Summit is SolarPower Europe’s annual flagship event. It gathers industry representatives from all major energy players, as well as SMEs and a range of decision-makers from across the EU and beyond, and is recognised as one of the most important energy events in Brussels.

In a world currently facing an array of challenges from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to a huge hike in energy prices and the looming threat of climate change, solar is coming to the fore as the solution to some of our most pressing issues. We know solar can, and must, significantly drive the transition to green energy. In less than ten years, solar power has transformed into the energy solution with the lowest costs and highest flexibility. Innovators are expanding the capabilities of solar technology every day. Manufacturing is making its way back to Europe.

The only challenge: we must speed up.

The SolarPower Summit 2022 will take place in person in Brussels and bring together high-level industry representatives and decision-makers from Europe and beyond to discuss the burning solar questions. We can’t wait to see our solar peers face to face once again!

See more information about the Summit here: http://www.solarpowersummit.org/

How can the EU take solar to the next level and develop its full potential? What to expect from political negotiations on the Fit for 55 package later this year? Will the landmark proposal deliver on its promises for EU renewables? Looking beyond Europe, what are the opportunities in the emerging solar markets?

See the conference agenda here: https://www.solarpowersummit.org/agenda-solarpower-summit-2022/

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