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11 October 2022


On 1-2 December, ITALIA SOLARE is organizing its flagship event the “ITALIA SOLARE Forum 2022: photovoltaic is the answer to the energy crisis”, which will be a hybrid format, in-person and online.

 The 2022 edition of the ITALIA SOLARE Forum takes place in a disruptive geopolitical and economic context for all world economies. In particular, the energy sector is coming to terms with new balances and new consequent needs: security of supply and independence from undemocratic and unreliable countries. In this context, photovoltaics is the number one candidate to replace fossil fuels as a safe, reliable, immediately viable and cheaper source. With photovoltaics, energy is mainly produced and consumed locally and is, albeit not entirely, freed from the dynamics of geopolitical dependence. But above all photovoltaics is the energy of all, the democratic source par excellence and the true driver of the transition from the centralised model, based on fossil fuels, to the distributed model, based on renewable sources.

The aim of Forum 2022, now in its seventh edition, is to help position Italy as the leading country, at European level, in this now inevitable energy transition. Technology is constantly evolving, legislation is developing positively, and the increasingly structured supply chain is ready to play its part in this paradigm shift.

The Forum Italia Solare 2022 on 1-2 December will bring together institutions, PV companies and sector experts to discuss how and when we can achieve the 2030-2050 photovoltaic development objectives for the three sectors: residential, industrial and utility scale.