• Membership is valid for the current solar year and is not automatically renewed. Members who do not wish to renew are kindly asked to communicate their decision in writing to
  • A reduced membership fee is offered to newly joining PV Industry Members and Business Producers (Produttori Aziendali), depending on the month when they join. Membership fees of Supporting Members are fixed.
  • Reduced membership fees for PV Industry Members and Business Producers apply until 31st October each year. From 1st November the fee covers the remaining months of the solar year and the following year.


  • If you are both a PV Company (Operatore) and a Student, you must join as a PV Industry Member.
  • If you are both a PV Company and a Residential System Owner (Supporting Member), you must join as a PV Industry Member.
  • If you are a PV Company and a PV System Owner with Tax Code (Socio Produttore Aziendale), you must join as a PV Industry Member.

membership fee in short

  • For Students (until they reach 30 years of age) enrolled in high schools or universities, ITALIA SOLARE membership fee is 10€.
  • For Supporting Members (solar power supporters and/or owners of residential systems) the minimum membership fee is 50€ for GOLD Supporters and 100€ for PLATINUM supporters. Gold and Platinum give right to different benefits.
  • For Institutional Supporters (national associations and public administrations) the membership fee is 500€.

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