What we do

Business networking events and institutional meetings all around Italy

Meetings with institutional stakeholders

We organize regular meetings with: Members of the Parliament, GSE, Majors and Regional Assessors.

Working groups

As part of our statutory activities, our members meet and discuss how to enhance business opportunities for Solar Pv in Italy. Meetings are organized in working groups:

  • AgriPV
  • Energy Communities
  • Finance
  • Green Hydrogen
  • International affairs
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Measures and connections
  • O&M Revamping/Repowering
  • Power Market
  • Regional affairs
  • Research, Development and Community Projects
  • Storage
  • Taxation
  • Technology development and standards


Since 2016, the Tour represents the bottom-up approach of ITALIA SOLARE vision: the piecing together of regional features to a better understanding of the national (more complex) system. Between 12 and 15 seminars and events all around Italy supported by our member companies. See the main page of the

Annual Forum

The ITALIA SOLARE Forum is the annual meeting of the Italian Solar PV Community. It gathers in Rome national and international stakeholders and it represents an unique networking platform for those organizations willing to conduct business in the Italian Solar PV market:

We are member of:

Global Solar Council

Solar Power Europe

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