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Filippo Meucci

Filippo is working in the renewable energy sector since 2006. After graduation, he established an engineering firm focused on development and design of distributed small hydro plants. Later, he moved in development of solar, wind and hybrid plants with major companies. In 2010 in Italy during first Feed in Tariffs, then in South Africa and South America, where he was country manager for Italian companies. He has managed pipelines and delivered projects for several GWs.
Today he is Development Director in Statkraft for Storage and Grid Services in Italy. His aim is to deliver a pipeline of Storage and Pumping projects that will provide the needed capacity and flexibility to the electrical system and contribute to the evolution of the regulatory framework and market design.
He holds a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and a MS Degree in Electronic Engineering with honour mention from University of Florence, hosted visitor in UCB Berkeley and AAU Aalborg University.