A unique networking platform for those companies considering investing and conduct business in the Italian Solar PV market

The Italian Solar PV market is characterized by two legislative frameworks:

  • energy sharing for small and medium PV power plants;
  • auctions and land use for utility scale PV power plants.

While both frameworks are envisaged by the National Energy Strategy and by the new EU RED 2018, there are several aspects which needs to be discussed and addressed in order to:

  • enable a sustainable development of new installations;
  • meet the national and international targets of RES electricity fed into the grid.

During Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2018 participants and speakers will have the opportunity to meet and discuss those topics with the major stakeholders of the sector.


  • Set the stage for the Italian Solar PV market to go big (again);
  • Discuss with participants the market conditions for a sustainable development of any size PV power plants.


  • High-level executives from utilities, smart energy solution suppliers, sector analysts, senior decision makers, EPC, investors, corporate innovation providers, institutions and key industry stakeholders, national and international.