Agenda \\ Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2019


09 December

15:00 – General Assembly of ITALIA SOLAREOnly for members
19:30 – Networking dinner (details and bookings << click here)

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10 December

08:30 – Welcome | Registration of Participants
09:15 – Welcome speech | Paolo Rocco Viscontini – President, ITALIA SOLARE
09:30 – Session 1 | Climate crisis: what policies for solar PV and the energy transition?
Italy is poised to return to the GW scale market club. But are subsidy-based policies adequate for the energy transition in Italy? What should a mid- to long-term policy strategy look like to allow industry and stakeholders to plan investments?

Moderated by | Elena Comelli – Corriere della Sera

  • Climate change and concrete impacts on life and biodiversity | Luca Lombroso – Climate Expert
  • Solar PV from a global energy perspective | Guido Agostinelli – Senior Industry Specialist, Solar Energy, IFC
  • The role of PV in a policy response to climate change | Wolfram Sparber, Director of the Renewable Energy Institute, EURAC Research
  • ITALIA SOLARE’s policy proposals for advancing a new energy paradigm | Emilio Sani – Board Member, ITALIA SOLARE
Panel discussion:
  • Sen. Gianni Girotto – Member of Parliament, Chair of Industry Committee, M5S
  • On. Gianluca Benamati – Member of Parliament, PD
  • Sen. Paolo Arrigoni – Member of Parliament, Lega
  • Gian Battista Zorzoli – President Coordinamento FREE
11:00 \\ Networking coffee break
11:30 – Session 2 | Solar PV in the energy market: the new paradigm of the Clean Energy Package
Self consumption is a major driver for new solar PV installations. The recent EU regulations pave the way for a new paradigm: as we shift from single- to multi-users and even energy communities, we are opening the way towards a new market design and energy union. In this session we will give an overview of the different policy scenarios and opportunities brought into play by the new legislation.

Moderated by | Elena Comelli – Corriere della Sera

  • Market reform and capacity market | Stefano Cavriani – Board Member, ITALIA SOLARE
  • PV impacts on energy markets | Matteo Mazzoni – Senior Analyst, ICIS
  • Overview on energy communities in Europe | Aurelie Beauvais – Policy Director, Solar Power Europe
Panel discussion
  • Massimo Ricci – Director Energy Division, ARERA
  • Maurizio Delfanti  – CEO, RSE (Research on the Energy Systems)
  • Michele Governatori – Head of Regulatory Affairs, AXPO Italia
  • Simona Ciancio – Responsible for regulatory affairs, TERNA
  • Mariangela Di Napoli – Responsible for regulatory affairs, infrastructure and grid, e-Distribuzione

13:15 \\ Networking lunch
14:45 – Session 3 | The secret to success: getting the most out of your choice of components
Your choice of components plays a fundamental role in the challenge of getting the right PV plant: as technologies evolve they each present different advantages in terms of quality, reliability and long-term value for asset owner. What is the scenario for different components in terms of LCOE competitiveness? What factors should be taken into consideration when reviewing component options?

Moderated by | Luca Pagni – La Repubblica

  • PV modules technology | Antonio Ruta – Senior Technical Manager, Jinko Solar Italy
  • PV module materials | Stephan Padlewski – Regional Marketing Leader, EMEA DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
  • Solar inverters technology | Stefano G. Alberici – Pre-sales Engineer Solar PV Energy Business Unit, Ingeteam Srl
  • Innovation in Storage systems: price trends, technology and markets | Marco Pigni – Coordinator WG Storage, ITALIA SOLARE
15:30 – Session 4 | Getting photovoltaics right in Italy today
While trends and future scenarios are key to understand how the solar PV market will evolve, it is also important to asses the opportunities “today”. In this session we will analyse business models in two different segments of the market – residential and commercial & industrial – and the best practices in the so-called after-sale.

Moderated by | Luca Pagni – La Repubblica

  • Residential and industrial PV plants, the Italian market, economics, new business models | Andrea Brumgnach – Board Member ITALIA SOLARE
  • Secondary PV market in Italy: trends and scenario | Alessandro Marangoni – CEO Althesys
  • RES Decree 2019-2021: Italy’s auction scheme for renewables | Andros Racchetti – Renewable Energy Division, GSE


16:30 \\ Networking tea 
17:00 – Session 5 | Large-scale PV plants in Italy
Residential, commercial and industrial roofs are ideal spaces for installing solar PV plants. Not all of them are technically suitable, however. In addition, the ambitious targets for solar PV set out in Italy’s NEPC cannot be reached unless ground-mounted PV plants are allowed alongside rooftop installations.

Moderated by | Luca Pagni – La Repubblica

  • PV in the environmental context, ITALIA SOLARE proposal | Rolando Roberto – Board Member, ITALIA SOLARE
  • Authorisation status in Italian regions | Mauro Moroni – CEO, Moroni & Partners
  • Storage and large-scale plants: how to enhance PV plants, status and perspectives | Diego Percopo – CEO, EF Solare Italia
Panel discussion:
  • Giuseppe Mastropieri – CEO, REM
  • Cristina Torres-Quevedo – Finance Director, UNEF
  • Gianni Chianetta – Vice President, Global Solar Council
  • Attilio Piattelli – Vice President, ITALIA SOLARE
  • Donato Rotundo – Responsible for Innovation and Sustainable Development, CONFAGRICOLTURA
  • Marco Martorana – Energy & Equipment Product Development Manager, UniCredit


18:15 – Closing speech | Paolo Rocco Viscontini – President, ITALIA SOLARE
Simultaneous translation IT <<>> ENG will be provided.