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Forum 2021


NH Collection Vittorio Veneto – Rome


December 2021


We’re at a crucial moment in the history of the energy sector.

Now that the COP 26 in Glasgow is behind us, we can look forward armed with the economic resources for the energy transition of the NRRP, the implementation of the NECP, the implementation of the EU Directives up to 2030 and the EU climate law for climate neutrality to 2050.

We have the necessary legislative measures in place to achieve a real energy/ecological transition and reach our decarbonisation targets. Will market conditions allow solar PV to play its decisive role?


The Forum Italia Solare 2021 on 1-2 December will bring together institutions, PV companies and sector experts to discuss how and when we can achieve the 2030-2050 photovoltaic development objectives for the three sectors: residential, industrial and utility scale.

The event is free to attend for registered participants.

The Forum will be a hybrid format, in-person and online. In accordance with current regulations, we expect to have 100 seats in the hall at the moment.




Registration of participants and Green Pass control


Forum opening

Paolo Rocco Viscontini | President of ITALIA SOLARE



Climate Crisis: What Policies?

Abstract: Climate change is the biggest global challenge ever faced by modern man. Low-environmental impact technologies, energy production and consumption efficiency, carbon price and climate migrants are only some of the most urgent issues in the agenda of decision-makers, at international and national level. Glasgow’s COP26 will be crucial to start policies and actions to combat climate crisis. The decisions made and their impact on energy transition will be analysed and assessed during ITALIA SOLARE 2021 Forum.

Objective: The objective of this session is to analyse with leading experts the actions taken or that will hopefully be taken at international level to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

Target: Decision-makers and stakeholders from the business and institutional community.

Moderator: Sebastiano Barisoni | Radio 24

  • Paolo Frankl | Head of the Renewable Energy Division IEA
  • Monica Frassoni | President of European alliance to save energy
  • Guido Agostinelli | Senior Industry Specialist, Solar Energy IFC – International Finance Corporation
  • Michele Governatori | Coordinator Scientific Committee Worldwide Carbon Price (WCP)


Coffee break & networking



What Electricity Market for a Green Transition?

Abstract: A green energy transition can only be achieved through facts, not slogans or declarations. Never before have we had so many legislative tools (INECP, NRRP, EU Directives) supporting us towards the forced choice of leaving fossil fuels behind and embracing renewable sources. It is not a matter of farsightedness, but awareness of the fact that we have run out of time and that we now need to set the basis for an energy transition that can only be achieved if the energy market is ready for this change in paradigm.

Objective: Starting from ITALIA SOLARE’s position paper on the electricity market, the objective of this session is to bring together the main players of the national energy system and move towards shared positions.

Target: Decision-makers in the energy industry and institutions.


  • INECP, NRRP, EU Directives on Renewables and Market
  • Evolution of the Storage Systems market to enhance configurations for a secure and appropriate energy transition
  • How Solar PV and Storage Systems can cut capacity market costs and the energy bill (political message)
  • Energy Communities
  • Adjust the market to renewable sources, flexibility, meters, PPAs, dynamic pricing, smart energy management, smart consumption and generation (meters, dynamic pricing, PPAs and flexibility services)
  • Dispatching market
  • Energy hubs such as refuelling stations at ports >> connection with mobility
  • H2 linked with development of large facilities for which permitting is underway

Sebastiano Barisoni | Radio 24

  • Massimo Ricci | Director Energy Division ARERA
  • Marco Massimiano | Head of Regulatory and Antitrust di ENEL Italia
  • Fabio Bulgarelli | Regulatory Affairs Director TERNA 
  • Maurizio Delfanti | CEO RSE
  • Arturo Lorenzoni | Professor of Energy Economics at the University of Padua
  • Riccardo Sorichetti | Vice President ITALIA SOLARE 
04 November 2020

Decreto FER 1

ITALIA SOLARE invia al MISE le proposte di modifiche normative per il Decreto FER 1 e per l’utilizzo di aree industriali.


Closing of the works of the first day


Networking dinner reserved for members, speakers and sponsors



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round table

Residential session

Abstract: PV systems combined with storage systems in the residential market are currently the strength of the solar PV market in Italy. The ecobonus and superbonus are powerful tax tools, but new opportunities are opening up with the end of the net metering system, configurations for collective self-consumption and energy communities. What is the status and what are criticalities and prospects?

Objective: The objective of this session is to assess the opportunities and technologies that will guide the installation of solar PV systems in the residential market.

Target: industry players and end users.


  • Economic analysis of small facilities (up to 6kW): are they still viable?
  • Implementation of unidirectional and bidirectional storage systems on incentivised systems. Current status between CEI, TERNA, GSE and distributor.
  • Is it beneficial to become an Energy Community?
  • End of the net metering system and prospects for the residential market
  • Superbonus: analysis of the first few months. Focus on existing criticalities, possible solutions, extensions required to complete projects.


Moderator: Stefania De Francesco | ANSA

Keynote speechAndrea Brumgnach | Vice President ITALIA SOLARE in charge of the residential market

  • Sen. Gianni Girotto | President of the X Senate Commission for Productive Activities, Industry and Tourism
  • Filippo Delle Piane | Vice President ANCE 
  • Valter Pische | Sales Manager Southern Europe Goodwe
  • Averaldo Farri | General Director – Green Innovation Zucchetti Centro Sistemi
  • Vito Zongoli | Ceo SENEC
  • Emilio Sani | Board of  ITALIA SOLARE
  • Danilo Bano | Business owner Esse
  • Giovanni Cimini | Ceo Western CO



Coffee break & networking


round table

Industrial session

Abstract: An increasing number of SMEs are installing solar PV systems to meet their energy needs. Some financial incentives are currently in place to support businesses, such as tax credit and Ministerial Decree FER 1, but are they enough to encourage entrepreneurs to adopt new technologies to generate power from renewables? What other tools could be implemented?

Objective: The objective of this session is to understand how companies are moving to respond to the increasing interest in PV systems to cut energy costs.

Target: industry players and end users


  • Asbestos incentives and tax deductions
  • Improvement of FER 1 and ITALIA SOLARE’s proposals to extend it until 2025
  • Storage systems: what solutions for the various market segments, with a focus on the commercial and industrial segments that have not made a mature decision yet.


Moderator: Romina Maurizi | Quotidiano Energia

Keynote speech:  Attilio Piattelli | Vice President ITALIA SOLARE in charge of the PV industrial market 

  • Sen. Paolo Arrigoni | Member of the XIII Senate Commission (Territory, Environment, Environmental Heritage)
  • Valerio Natalizia | Regional Manager South Europe, SMA Solar Technology AG
  • Andrea Parrini | Founder member PM Service
  • Davide Tinazzi | Ceo Energy
  • Enrico Meneghetti | Managing director ESPE
  • Luca Zerbo | Head of Project Finance Banco BPM
  • Daniele Francone | Business Development Manager Centrica Business Solutions



Light lunch & networking


round table

Utility Scale Session

Abstract: Utility scale facilities are currently notably absent, but only for the time being! In fact, there has been a lot of excitement in this market segment over the last few months. Many investors are betting on a new boom of large-size facilities in Italy. What are their expectations? The main topics are new permitting processes, burden sharing, suitable areas, and agro-PV. On the technology side, new technologies are appearing on the market, including high-performance technologies integrated with electrochemical and hydrogen storage systems which will have an impact on the way new plants will be designed and on the way revamping and repowering is looked at.

Objective: The objective of this session is to open discussions with industry experts and players in order to get an idea of trends in the next few months/years.

Target: industry players


  • Sustainable agriculture in synergy with PV plants
  • Green hydrogen from solar power, permitting processes in Italy
  • Burden sharing and suitable areas: what is the status of the State Environmental Impact Assessment Committee?
  • Permitting processes
  • Revamping and repowering: market data, impact of technological change, bifacial modules?


Moderator: Michele Lopriorei | Solare B2B

Keynote speech:  Emiliano Pizzini | Vice President ITALIA SOLARE in charge of utility scale PV systems

  • Sen. Antonio Misiani | Responsible for the economy of PD political party and member of the 5th Senate Permanent Commission – Economic Planning, Budget
  • Annarita Mitola |  Ceo BFP Service
  • Alberto Cuter | General Manager Jinko Solar
  • Fulvio Ferrari | Application Manager & Founder Higeco More
  • Stefano Domenicali | Ceo Ingeteam Italy
  • Matteo Demofonti | Business Line Manager EMEA Convert A Valmont Company
  • Giacomo Dachille | Ceo SunGAP
  • Daniele Francone | Business Development Manager Centrica Business Solutions



Closing of works





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