Mission & Objectives


We work to shape the regulatory environment and to enhance business opportunities for Solar PV in Italy

ITALIA SOLARE aims to be the national and international reference for sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources with particular reference to Solar PV.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote the distributed generation, the self-production-consumption (prosumer), the active participation and awareness of the citizens;
  • Recognizing solar photovoltaics as a low-cost, reliable, clean and available energy source anytime, anywhere;
  • Recognizing solar photovoltaics as a strategic source for the energy security of the country;
  • Promote and disseminate the solar technical skills and culture aimed at encouraging the energy transition from a centralized energy model based on fossil sources to a distributed model based on renewable sources;
  • Promote standardized policies, regulations and methodologies that can promote the diffusion of solar energy;
  • Remove the barriers that limit or slow down the development of photovoltaic;
  • Promote the use of photovoltaic solar energy to be integrated with the new technologies (heat pumps, storage systems, electric vehicles, etc.).